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Best Audit Firms in Dubai

Auditing Services in Dubai – Approved Auditors In Various Free Zones

Our team from Spectrum is more than happy to offer the much-needed Auditing Services in Dubai to cover your accounting needs right on time. We are targeted as registered auditors under the Ministry of Economy, UAE. Our team can offer all kinds of auditing services to help your firm match the regulatory requirements.

  • We will help you understand everything about local regulations and different auditing sections. We understand your business audit needs before addressing the right solutions to cover them.
  • Our team ensures that your data remains secure with us. Moreover, we will make your finances grow multiple times.
  • Apart from presenting a professional service under auditing and accounting, our firm also provides relevant services in related accounts department.

Approved auditors in selected zones:

Our team has been targeted as an approved auditor in multiple free zones. Some of those are listed below for your reference.

  • Dubai South Free zone
  • Dubai Internet City
  • Dubai Technology Entrepreneur Campus
  • Dubai Silicon Oasis
  • Ras Al Khaimah Economic Zone
  • JAFZA, Dubai Multi Commodity Center

Offering Auditing Services in Dubai to match various needs:

Our team is all set to offer audits, ready to match multiple business needs. Some of those are listed below for your reference.

  • We offer feasible studies and mergers & acquisitions along with various other services.
  • Our team presents the ultimate comfort on the historical financial numbers, designed for business valuations.
  • We assist in any help with liquidation, and we offer financial statements and also a group reporting pack for multiple subsidiary firms to consolidate with foreign firms or holding companies.
  • Our audit reports will help in sharing profits among partners.
  • You get the chance to take multiple financial facilities, which will include corporate or business loans from financial institutions.
  • Our auditing services will help you to get comfortable with the yearly financial numbers.

Working on Tax Audit:

We are ready to explore Tax Audits, which will match up with the expectations of the tax authorities like the Federal Tax Authorities. We will follow the tax rules and regulations, which are focusing more on Value Added Tax and Excise Tax. 

Our team at Spectrum provides the best Auditing Services in Dubai across different categories. We have been handling so many companies lately and covering various kinds of audits on their behalf. It is a growing testimony of our achievements over here. Reach out to us by calling at +971-50-986-6466 or emailing us your queries at [email protected].


What are the services you can expect from our auditors?

Right from financial to performance, compliance to system security, and even due diligence engagements, we are ready to cover it all. We address financial audits to question the accounting and reporting of financial transactions.

Why is there a booming growth of audit services?

Audit packages provide reliability to a set of financial statements. It provides investors with the confidence that is fair and accurate. It helps in improving the internal controls and systems of a company.

What main steps should you follow for service audits?

It all starts with planning, where the auditor will review the previous audits within your area and professional literature. Then the next steps to follow are notification, opening meeting, fieldwork, report drafting, management response, closing meeting, and the final report distribution.

How can you ensure audit quality?

The Auditing Services in Dubai are presented by our talented auditors, who are professional and ready to offer high-quality audits through strong internal culture. Their primary focus remains on quality audits. Our auditors will use appropriate resources, followed by effective internal supervision.

What will be the auditing limitations?

The firm might have to bear the extra financial burden of fees accounts and other expenses to help conduct an audit. It might even take some time to detect fraud as it is not an easy task for the auditor.

Spectrum offers end-to-end accounting and audit services, simplifying its client’s life by adopting to the emerging practices to provide its clients complete solutions. We specialize in a spectrum of services including Accounting, Auditing,Value Added Tax (VAT), Economic Substance Regulations (ESR), Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Company Formation and Liquidation, Country by Country Reporting (CbCR) and Business Advisory Services and other business services. Our magnitude of experience, competence and reputation makes us a distinctive world-class accounting service provider.

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