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DMCC company audit

Spectrum accounts are the Approved Auditors in DMCC. We are the best Auditors in DMCC approved Auditors list.

 Is it necessary to audit all business firms in DMCC?

It is always mandatory for the business firms in DMCC to audit the finance accurately. Based on the DMCC Company regulations, there must be a professional auditor for every DMCC member Companies. The hired auditor should be a DMCC approved auditor.

 Is it mandatory for the DMCC firms to submit their accounting statements to the authorities?

Yes all the DMCC companies must ensure that they are submitting their financial reports  within 90 days after the end of the financial year.

DMCC can ask for original statements and additioal documents at any stages during the inspection.

Is there any fine if the DMCC company failed to submit the statements? 

if a business could not submit the documents by a DMCC approved auditor, within 90 days from the financial year end, it will attract fine as per the rules of the DMCC Company Regulations.

What are the records needed for DMCC company audit

Listing the records to be submitted for the DMCC company audit

  1. Memorandum Of Association (MOA), Articles Of Association (AOA), Share certificate, Trade license copy, etc.
  2. Bank related documents
  3. Reports on Balance statements
  4. Statement of various bills
  5. Accounting records
  6. Any other documents which are considered by the DMCC auditor
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