VAT Returns deadline is 28th of every month. Excise Tax Returns deadline is 15th of every month ESR Notification Submission deadline, 6 months from the end of the financial year ESR Report Submission deadline, 12 months from the end of the financial year Click here to know the Foreign Exchange (FX) rates applicable for VAT from the UAE Central Bank website
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seminars on VAT & VAT return filing

Awareness seminars & education on VAT in UAE
We organize awareness seminars on VAT and VAT returns filing in the UAE by our Tax experts for:

Owners of Business
Executives in Accounts & Finance departments
Corporate bodies etc
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Implementation of VAT- an education for the Corporate bodies as well as for a group of professionals

Depending on the organizational structure of an organization and the need of the management and accounts & finance department, we provide seminars on Value Added Tax (VAT) to the personnel of the organization who are coming under purview of VAT compliance chain. Educating the finance and accounts and IT personnel are in detail for applying the VAT concepts and for detailing the procedural formalities required for complying to the requirements. Educating the managerial and other department level are made for imparting proper awareness of VAT structure and overall VAT compliance requirements.

VAT Implementation Services

The specialists in VAT undertake the followings steps for successful implementation of UAE VAT in your business entity.

  • Understanding the modal of your business:

The TAX specialists/ VAT specialists visit your business entity to understand your business model for designing a VAT.Implement a plan which suits your business entity for the UAE VAT Regulations.

  • VAT Registration:

To adhere with the law of the land with respect to VAT (UAE VAT Law), we advise you regarding the procedural formalities and the date by which registration has to be made, depending on whether the company has got any exemption in this respect or not.

  • VAT impact Analysis on your business:

For having a good clarity and appraisal for the management and to streamline the operations of the company by complying with UAE VAT requirements, we study the impact of VAT on your business working capital, costing and profitability.

Management of VAT transaction process:

  • VAT Team:

In order to shift the transactions into UAE VAT compliance and to translate smoothly and in a timely manner, we will select a responsible person/team from the company to be the head of the VAT Implementation project called VAT Implementation Project Leader.

  • VAT Accounting systems:

The current accounting systems will be analysed. Thorough classification/ grouping with appropriate chart of accounts suitable for VAT regime would be suggested. Needed guidelines would be given to the accounts team for preparing the first VAT return to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

  • VAT Invoicing:

The needs of VAT invoicing under the UAE VAT Law would be implemented. Proper stream lining would be done to the IT personnel and proper training to the Accounts and other departments connected to sales would be done.

  • Migration to IT:

In order to implement the changes in the billing, accounting and other administrative procedures to comply UAE VAT formalities, necessary guidance or information required will be imparted to the IT team/software personnel either directly or through VAT Implementation Project Manager.

  • Filing of VAT Returns:

The help for preparing and filing of the first VAT return by taking the correct input tax credit against the total VAT liability with guidance on planning/better timing of cash flows.

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