VAT Returns deadline is 28th of every month. Excise Tax Returns deadline is 15th of every month ESR Notification Submission deadline, 6 months from the end of the financial year ESR Report Submission deadline, 12 months from the end of the financial year Click here to know the Foreign Exchange (FX) rates applicable for VAT from the UAE Central Bank website
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Tax Agency Dubai

Beneficial Services Are Here for Your Take – Hire the Best Tax Agency Dubai

Spectrum Auditing can do much better when it comes to tax auditing as a fine Tax Agency Dubai. Yes, it is infrequent for a franchise to conduct some required operations on its own.

In any step, a company needs the help of another tax agency. The agency will offer the company to stand firm and courageous when the time is tough. This job is essential for the entire company as it evaluates your entities and prepares a report for all types of relative taxes based on them.

Our company does not try to liberate any kind of unnecessary processes but to proceed with caution and legal ways. You can get all types of support for a tax agency that you want from us.

Yes, we are here to help you with many things once you have appointed us as your task holding franchise. It is much easier for us to retrieve a Registration for Tax Registration Number Dubai for your company. This is quite a serious issue for any company.

Favors That You Want from Spectrum Auditing in Dubai

We are here to deal with multiple tax-related matters and fill reports to shut out every possibility related to them. Our job is very significant and straightforward for you. We do not hide anything related to our company’s principle and other documentation.

A tax agency like us offers different profitable services for its clients, such as

  1. Filling all necessary documents under formidable tax obligations,
  2. Facilitating a person during the tax audit,
  3. Delivering FTA with all necessary documents, data, records as per our agent’s requirement.

A taxable person’s record is much worthier for our agency. You won’t find any best Tax Agency Dubai without Spectrum Accounts. As such, we offer significant facilities to our customers and help them in many basic responsibilities.

Our appointed tax agent is there with you to carry out all of these services, such as

  • Filing VAT returns,
  • VAT registration service (maybe for your company/group/personal),
  • Keeping records of all transactions & maintaining them,
  • Applying for VAT de-registration of a company or a taxable person,
  • Conducting tax audit services.

These processes also include assisting tax disputes or any kind of dispute consisting of a compliance review. Also, our agency offers VAT consultancy services without claiming any significant charges.

Our job is very pure and perfect while we conduct all necessary Registration for Tax Registration Number Dubai. Sometimes, you can’t see what you need for your company while filing reports of your VAT, but we can. We are so piratical when it comes to the filing of VAT and its relevant processes.

Where Does Spectrum Accounting Operate in the UAE?

Spectrum Accounting is not just a provider of tax advisory services but a perfect solution for all entrepreneurs, or companies, or individuals. Yes, we are here in the UAE alive and functional for so many types of tax-related issues.

Our headquarters are there in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and other regions of Emirates UAE. So, there’s nothing to be anxious about filling a tax query related to your company or a taxable person. We have delivered unique services throughout all regions of the UAE.

The problem is not there within our system, and this credit goes to our agents and management. They have done exceptionally well to manage all necessary stuff for every customer of our company.

Spectrum Accounts can handle all types of fundamental responsibilities to maintain the rhythm of a taxable person or a company.
Yes, it is scarce and difficult for a person or a company to stand alone against all kinds of rules & regulations of taxes. So, hiring a tax agent can do the job for you and your company.

What can you Add to your benefits after hiring a tax agent?

Yes, it is much worthier to get support from Spectrum Auditing. Our tax agents can give you very significant pieces of advice to maintain your company’s taxes. Also, you can hire us for yourself.

Every entrepreneur can need a helping hand when it comes to the filing of taxes and their relevant reports. It is very rare for a franchise or an entrepreneur who tries to manipulate all their expenses and taxes independently. But you can’t be part of that struggle.

These are the benefits that you can get from an auditor of Spectrum Auditing:

  • Gain all information about your expenses and prepare an expense shit
  • Consume less time
  • Experience and knowledge about all types of taxation laws in the UAE.
  • Hassle-free tax filing
  • No fortunes of mistakes
  • Preparation of all reports for the audits

Intelligent and experienced tax agents from our company can handle all types of accounting services for you and your company. The size of yours doesn’t matter for our agents.

We only try to help you out within your taxation process. This is a phase that requires a lot of patience and acceptable skills. Those are very important during the audits. Information regarding your taxation can help your company in so many ways. This is the best path for you to choose a tax auditor.

We can make your job much easier with our knowledge and experience. Experts from Spectrum Accounts can handle your business’s taxation processes by preparing data sheets related to your expenses.

All of these are going to help you out in the auditing process. So, you need to get into the Registration for Tax Registration Number Dubai through us. In this way, we can help you out.

Tax Agency Services

A Tax Agency is a legal entity that is licensed to operate as a Tax Agency and has registered with the FTA as a Tax Agency.

Spectrum Auditing, as a Tax Agency, can be appointed by any Taxableperson (individual or a company) to represent him before the FTA and assist him in the fulfillment of his tax obligations and also exercise his associated tax rights.

Do you have ANY questions?

Following are some of our services offered as a Tax Agency:

Apart from carrying out the basic responsibilities as stated above as a Tax Agent, we also take care of you in the following services:

Spectrum Auditing provides Tax Advisory Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all other Emirates in UAE.

For more information on Tax Agent services, please contact us on +971 4 2699329 (or) +971 50 9866466 (or) email us at [email protected] now.

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