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tax auditing in Dubai Industrial City

It is the Tax auditor’s main objective is to carry out the taxation that go  within its permission in a structured, reliable and unbiased ways. Tax calculations are monitored  by taxpayers themselves and by third parties auditors. We do tax auditing in Dubai Industrial City in such a way that we ensure that taxes are payed  in the correct amount and at the correct time, we enforce  a number of auditing standards exclusively for Dubai Industrial City. Tax control cop up with the requirements of the tax recipients and ensures that the auditing in Dubai Industrial City is carried fairly and equally by taxpayers.

The process of tax auditing in Dubai Industrial City comprises  of an investigation of whether correct and sufficient information has been provided for the purposes of auditing .. This way, the overall protection of accounting is put under maximum security aspects.

If the auditing has been based on insufficient  or faults information, it will be checked and corrected accordingly. If there is only minute auditing errors we request the customers to rectify it by themselves. During an audit, advice and guidance are given and relative data on other customers is collected.

Through tax auditing in Dubai Industrial City, also the effect and working of tax legislation is calculated and a basis for proposed alterations to the existing regulations is provided.


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