VAT Returns deadline is 28th of every month. Excise Tax Returns deadline is 15th of every month ESR Notification Submission deadline, 6 months from the end of the financial year ESR Report Submission deadline, 12 months from the end of the financial year Click here to know the Foreign Exchange (FX) rates applicable for VAT from the UAE Central Bank website
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Vat Registration in UAE by spectrum

Finance is the backbone of every organization/business irrespective of its size. To know if these finances are balancing proportionately and to understand if you are reaping benefits or dipping into losses, one would require either a team managing these accounts or professional help from accounting firms like Spectrum Accounting to your rescue.

A good professional accountant or a skillful accounting team can help in accentuating business by offering different types of services.

Some of the important benefits that you can get from an accounts outsourcing firm like Spectrum Accounting are:

We keep business on track by providing professional accountant assistance in bookkeeping, overseeing business developments in the financial department of the organization, avoiding making any falters in the business transactions and other important timely advice.

We assist with financial decisions by giving right inputs. As mentioned earlier, a business runs smoothly when there are right decisions taken in regard to the business transactions especially involving the finances. Financial decisions are more crucial as business decisions will benefit in a big way and in creating a stable business

We help in improving and improvising in order to ensure that the right steps are taken and applied for the improvement of the business in keeping with the regional regulations and sectoral differences. We identify any lapses in the business transactions and suggest in case of any improvisations to be made. This helps in the growth of the firm and understanding of what financial mistakes have to be avoided.

We take care of tax obligations and other compliances. This is another advantage of outsourcing accounting service to Spectrum is that you will have a ready help for tax-related issues. We not only educates on tax-related obligations and clear the payments on time, but we also keep you posted time-to-time about other compliances to be followed being in the business.

We provide the following services:

Weekly, Fortnightly and Monthly Visits to perform accounting work

Cloud based accounting – based on information and documents provided by mail or other online portals

Accounting Supervision Service

Backlog Accounting Work Completion

Reconciliation of Accounts (Bank/ Vendors/ Customers)

Review of accounting transactions entered and preparing the financial statements

Providing a full time accountant on outsource basis

Taking care of full finance team activities like following up with customers for invoice collection, supplier payments, payroll maintenance, handling bank account transactions apart from accounting work.

How Spectrum can help you?

Spectrum offers an extensive range of Accounting Outsourcing Services, tailor made to address the requirements of the clients. In offering such services we rely on our skills with respect to outsourcing engagements, our past experience, and our profound knowledge of statutory accounting regulations and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

We are one of the top professional firms that comprise accountants who have proven experience, right qualifications and skillset in accounting, auditing, VAT/Tax concepts making the firm a preferred choice in Dubai.

Spectrum with its deep understanding of UAE regulations and sectoral-specific expertise provides its Clients right advise.

If you are looking for a top end professional accounting services in Dubai, then Spectrum Accounts would be an obvious choice.

Leave your outsourcing trouble aside and contact Spectrum today for a free consultation:
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