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Dubai Production City (DPC)

A Quick sneak peek on Dubai Production City:

Dubai Production City (DPC) formerly known as “The International Media Production Zone or (IMPZ)” which was established in the year 2003 as a free zone and a freehold area and its developer is TELCOM Group which comprises both residential and commercial properties. A local hub for graphic art, global and local publishing, printing and packaging industries and media production as well.

It shelters the professionals all over the world and it covers the area about 43 million sq.ft approximately. One can say Dubai Production City is one of the most feasible and affordable areas to buy properties in Dubai.


Q) What are the types of properties one can look for in Dubai Production City?

Particulars Apartment type Rental amounts (Approximately) in AED Sale trends (Approximately) in AED ROI
Residential properties





1 Bedroom

        32,000.00        512,000.00 6.30%

2 Bedrooms

        45,000.00         761,000.00 6.20%

3 Bedrooms





Particulars  Types
Commercial properties Shops
Offices, sound stages, in 5 centres
Warehouses and Labour camps
  Boutique studios


Q) What surrounds Dubai Production City?

Popular Buildings Hotels Super markets Mosques Schools
Lakeside tower Ghaya Grand Hotel Carrefour Hypermarket Jumaa Mosque GEMS United School
Midtown Aloft Me’aisem W Mart Supermarket Masjid Jama  Dubai British School
Lago Vista Element Me’aisem West Zone Fresh Supermarket Emirates International School Meadows
Centrium towers Occidental Dubai Production City Swiss Mart Kids Kingdom Nursery School
Crescent towers


Q) What are the types of licenses offered to set up the business in Dubai Production City?

S.no Types of licenses offered to set up the business in Dubai Production City
1 Press License
2 General License
3 Designer License


Q) What are the various corporate entities in Dubai Production City?

S.no Business Type Explanation
1 Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ-LLC) This is a company formed as an independent legal entity with its own shareholders. The minimum capital requirement for incorporation depends on the business activity.
2 Branch of a Foreign/UAE Company A branch is considered a legally dependent part of its parent company, even if its place of business is not in the main company’s headquarters. (No minimum capital required).
3 Freelancer The Freelance permit offers the ability to operate as a freelance professional The permit identifies you as a sole practitioner It enables you to conduct your business in your birth name as opposed to a brand name.


Q) What are the activities allowed in Dubai Production City?

  • Marketing
  • Import and export
  • Support services
  • Digital and news paper printing
  • Commercial and Industrial printing
  • Online publishing and Electric content


Q) What is the process to set up a company in Dubai Production City?

S.no Company Set up process Documents required
1 Identifying the legal form of company Form for business registration
2 Choosing an activity from Dubai Production City activity list Details of all the shareholders and directors with their passport copies
3 Submitting application for provisional approval Drafted copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
4 Signing of Dubai Production City company registration and incorporation documents Board resolution
5 Payment of fees Proof of share capital
6 Depositing capital Certificate of Authorization for GSO
7 Obtaining a license and certificate of registration


Q) How to renew a license in Dubai Production City?

S.no For renewing the license
1 Cost of Renewal is less expensive than that of cost of incorporation.
2 Payment for renewal along with the signed lease agreement for the next year to be submitted.

Copy of valid occupation agreement under freelancer name if applicable.

No objection certificate to concerned authority if applicable.


Q) What is the process to liquidate a company in Dubai Production City?

S.no Process to Liquidate
1 Cancellation of the visas
2 Termination of lease agreement
3 Closure of the bank account
4 Clearance from Customs in case the entity had a trading activity in the license


Q) What are the competitive advantages to setup a business in Dubai Production City?

S.no Competitive advantages
1  Simple setting up process
2 No personal income tax and corporate tax
3 100% on foreign ownership.
4 100% profits and capital repatriation.
5 Holistic community offering a mix of residential, retail and commercial properties
6 Home to the shopping and entertainment hub City Centre Me’aisem
7 Dubai Production City offers pleasant ambience to its residents and visitors
8 Luxurious apartments with a range of configurations and amenities


Corporate tax applicability to the companies in Dubai Production City:

Corporate tax law is going to be applicable for all the companies registered in UAE including the free zones in UAE. The UAE Corporate tax is going to be effective for the financial year beginning on or after 1 June 2023 for the businesses in UAE. Corporate tax will be levied at zero percent on the taxable income (adjusted net profit) of the businesses in the free zones as long as they comply with all the regulations of the respective free zone and do not do any business with the mainland companies, otherwise there is a possibility of levying 9% corporate tax on the taxable income (adjusted net profit) in excess of AED 375,000. Hence companies in the Free Zones need to make sure that they are complying with all the regulations of the free zone and do not do any business with the mainland entities to enjoy the benefit of zero percentage of UAE corporate tax.


{NOTE: Kindly note that the authenticity of this article is limited to the day of publishing this blog. As policies and rules pertaining to each free zone keeps changing from time to time based on the necessity of the respective authority, it is hereby advised you to check the website of the concerned free zone directly to get the latest update on the same. We do not assume any liability if you have taken any decision based on the information provided in the article. We have ensured that the presented information to the visitor is legible to the maximum extent possible so that all the information is available in one page, at one go. Thank you.}


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Article contributed by Aishwarya Parthasarathi, Intern.

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