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Liquidation of a Company: An Overview

What is Liquidation?

Liquidation, also known as winding up, is the process by which a company is dissolved, effectively ending its corporate existence. This generally occurs when a company is consistently operating at a loss or is unable to meet its debt obligations, meaning its liabilities exceed its assets. However, liquidation is not exclusive to insolvent companies; solvent companies may also undergo liquidation.


Types of Liquidation

In Dubai, there are two primary types of company liquidation:

  1. Voluntary Liquidation: Initiated by the company’s owners when they decide to close the business.
  2. Compulsory Liquidation: Ordered by a court, usually due to the company’s inability to pay its debts.


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Process of Liquidation

  1. Shareholders’ Resolution: The process begins with obtaining a board resolution to approve the decision for liquidation.
  2. Appointment of Liquidator: A liquidator is appointed to oversee the liquidation process.
  3. Clearance of Liabilities: All outstanding liabilities must be cleared as part of the liquidation process.
  4. Asset Valuation: Company assets undergo a detailed valuation for an accurate assessment of the financial situation.
  5. Settlement with Creditors: Engage in negotiations to settle outstanding dues with creditors, ensuring a fair resolution for all parties involved.
  6. Final Audit: Conduct a final audit to verify financial transactions and ensure adherence to accounting standards.
  7. Liquidation Report: Prepare a comprehensive liquidation report outlining the entire process, including asset distribution and creditor settlements.


Legal Formalities and Documentation

  1. Trade License Cancellation: Initiate the process of canceling the trade license with the relevant authorities.
  2. Notarization of Resolutions: Ensure that all resolutions related to liquidation are notarized for legal validity.
  3. Settlement with Employees: Prioritize settlements with employees, including end-of-service benefits, in accordance with labor laws.
  4. Clearance from Authorities: Seek clearance from relevant government authorities, including the Ministry of Economy and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce.
  5. Termination of Residency Visas: Terminate residency visas for company employees, if applicable.
  6. Closure of Bank Accounts: Close all company bank accounts to conclude financial affairs.
  7. Public Announcement: Comply with the requirement of making a public announcement regarding the company’s liquidation.


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