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The VAT refund application for business visitors

The VAT refund applications for business visitors is activated now and it is an online form to be filled and submitted. Following are the steps to be followed in this regard:

1). Create an online account on FTA website by using a mail id and phone number.

2). Fillup and submit the refund application form with required details (need to fill details in arabic in couple of the boxes).

3). Send the original invoice documents to FTA within 30 days from the date of submitting the application, failing which the application will be rejected.

4). After successful completion of the above mentioned steps with review and approval by FTA, the amount will be directly credited to the bank account provided in the application.

As they started the process just now, the FTA may take little longer time to respond/ review and approve the forms like they did for local business refund process, once the process is settled it should be faster.

below given details are needed to to fillup the online application form.

The requirements for the VAT refund for business visitors

The application for the VAT refund for business visitors has to specify or meet the below mentioned details / criteria

  • Legal name of the foreign business and it must be in both English and Arabic
  • Applicants contact details
  • Business Registration of the applicant. It include Name of the competent authority in the country of establishment/ incorporation with which the Foreign Business is registered. And the scanned copy of certificate f establishment has to upload and also need to provide attested hard copy.
  • The establishment should register for VAT in their respective country.
  • Need to describe the reason for incurring expenses and activates in UAE
  • Details of expenses, it includes invoice number, date and items Name and TRN of the supplier and VAT amount.
  • IF the business is undertaking, ay exempt or no business activates, then need to upload a letter or alternative evidence from business visitor’s TAX administration.
  • Applicants Bank details
  • Details of Authorized signatory, such as Name (both in English and Arabic), phone number, emailed, and passport details.


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