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Accounting and AI – an inevitable collaboration

Accounting requires precision, patience with the complex tasks, no room for errors while maintaining clients’ accounts. The rules and regulations are vast to remember and follow. While coming to Artificial Intelligence (AI), every sector is adapting to this machine intelligence, which computes and confers as a replacement for rote tasks performed by humans. If we concentrate on how AI is going to impact, accounting sector and be a wise assistant to the accountants.

According to a report released by MIT-Boston Consulting Group states that eight out of ten people believe that AI leads to competitive advantage and nearly eight out of ten people consider technology helps in boosting the productivity of the company. AI is piercing into the accounting sector and is being extensively used by many accounting firms, where it helps in the analyzation of cumbersome data at high speed adding in value for the clients.

Accounting sector and AI

As mentioned earlier, these days, companies are embracing technologies like never before to restructure their business operations, get improved accuracy, reduced cost, and increased productivity. AI has brought in many advantages for the corporates and businesses and here is the list of benefits that it has got for the accounting operations:

  1. Closures

Consolidating data from various sources and analyzing the numbers could be a timetaking task. AI performs the same task with no follies and in lesser time giving you and the company an edge over the other

The sooner you get the numbers, the more time your company has to create strategies about what can be done with the numbers. AI can provide you data from various sources, consolidate, and merge it. This will speed up the monthly procedures by delivering accurate results with the help of machines.

  1. Forecasts

Predicting the finances and helping out the firms to run smoothly is what every company looks at. If AI is integrated with your accounting software then you will be able to provide efficient and precise insight to the client or the company. This will reduce the monotonous tasks of analyzing and creation of reports

  1. Allocation and automation

Reports say that in the coming few years AI will help in accounting practices with enabled machine learning. The accounting transactions and tagged accurately to the ledger accounts. This tagging of accounts is not only automated but also structured by following the accounting rules.

  1. OCR Solutions

The concept of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is not new to the accounting market. However, AI is here to improvise the accuracy of this method. OCR although involved in automatic extraction of documents but there was human intervention through this process. Whereas, introducing AI to this software does not require any human assistance as the process recognizes document types such as receipts, invoices, and other financial related documents by default.

  1. Audits

Digitalization and AI would provide radical improvement and ease of audits – by way of organized data availability with full record of trails of accounts & changes made (when and by whom), complete access rights and tracking mechanisms (ensuring data security and protection), and increases accuracy and efficiency (by ensuring 100% audit rather than sampling and in a much lesser time than normal audits)

In conclusion, AI is a positive change happening in the accounting sector, helping the accountants to ease away from the tedious tasks and focus more on high-value processes. Spectrum Accounting, while offering end-to-end accounting and audit services, totally seconds to this new methodology of involving AI in the accounting processes and simplifying tasks such as procurements, auditing, payable and receivables, expense management and other accounting processes and will be gradually adopting to emerging practices to provide its clients complete solutions

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