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Dubai welcomes PPP framework

UAE is expanding in terms of population and prosperity. The need for infrastructure developments in limited budget created a paradigm shift with the implementation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Dubai. The structural changes took place in every sector starting with the Transportation, Education department, Healthcare division and Residential Housing. The government is looking to foster long-term partnerships in various other sectors.

Public Private Partnership (PPP) is an authorized affiliation between government entities and private organizations. PPP framework plays a crucial role in the development of Dubai’s infrastructure and serve public interest by integrating the funds, efforts, proficiency and technologies to make the city stand out.

The initiation of PPP model in the city does not necessarily mean “Privatization”, instead it symbolizes the reliable collaboration between Public and private sector compared to the past. Based on the level of contribution and specialization the appropriate form of partnership is incorporated. PPP model is considered as a perfect alternative to provide services and commodities at a nominal cost to the society using the expertise of the private sector.

The 3rd International PPP Finance Summit 2020 is supported by the Department of Finance, Government of Dubai held from 6th – 8th April 2020 in Dubai. The annual meeting is organized between the government and PPP experts to explore the present day challenges of financing the PPP projects which is vital to fill the gaps in the current infrastructure developments. The summit also aims to emphasize on executing PPPs potential to drive the nation’s future economic growth.

The summit will bring together important industry experts from over 40+ countries consisting of infrastructure investors, policy makers and leading decision makers in the PPP who will put forward key insights from across the globe.

The conference will analyze the upcoming business opportunities in different perspectives including:

  • Various ways to mobilize the private capital and reduce the financial stress on the government.
  • Some new and unique ‘Deal flow’ lending strategies backed by the government.
  • Kaleidoscopic viewpoints of Sponsors and Stakeholders on the percentage of risk factor involved for both public and private sector.
  • Involvement of PPP’s in the evolution of Dubai’s rocketing Economic ecosystem.

UAE has sanctioned PPP law with the new regulatory landscape back in 2015, as to how private investors can present their proposals for ground-breaking projects directly to the government. With the PPP Law already in place, a set of uniform procedures govern the Public-Private relationship.





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