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Invest in the United Arab Emirates

Let’s find out why you can choose UAE as your investment destination in the following sections:


Here is  a short video introduction on why UAE matters when it comes to investing…


Economic stability: Features of the UAE’s solid economy include:

  • • Strategic location
    • Strong financial reserves
    • Large sovereign wealth funds
    • Healthy international relations
    • Consistent government spending on infrastructure, digital transformation and innovation
    • Progressive policy of economic diversification
    • Multi-specialty free zones
    • Increased foreign direct investments (FDIs)
    • Futuristic vision
    • Open digital economy
    • Safe investment environment
    • Competitive knowledge economy based on innovation
    • Digital communities and Smart Cities
    • Integrated infrastructure and sustainable environment
    • Supportive and enabling business environment


Ease of doing business: The UAE presents a favourable business environment. Excellent infrastructural facilities coupled with professional expertise and personalised services give the UAE an edge over other countries. The UAE was ranked 16th globally, as per the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report 2020. Its rank in the various indices is as follows:

  • • 1st globally in ‘getting electricity’
    • 3th globally in ‘dealing with construction permits’
    • 9th globally in ‘enforcing contracts’.
    • 10th globally in ‘registering property’


Variety of business premises: The UAE extends the flexibility to do business anywhere in the country. Choices of locations include free zones, industrial areas and commercial buildings.

  • • There are more than 40 free zones that allow 100 per cent foreign ownership of business
    • Mainland business regulations too allow 100 per cent foreign ownership in 122 economic activities across 13 sectors
    • The UAE provides state-of-the-art industrial and commercial areas
    • It hosts high-profile conferences, international exhibitions and trade and investment events


Skillful talent and labour: The UAE’s talent and labour force is one of the most skillful in the world. Its multi-cultural population enhances workforce productivity and creativity.

  • • The country’s official language is Arabic, with English and other major languages also being widely used
    • The UAE launched a new visa system, attracting qualified workforce in the health, scientific, technological and cultural sectors
    • The UAE is seeking to be the first incubator of highly skilled professionals and talented human capital in dynamic, economic sectors


Investment incentives: Attractive investment incentives include:

  • • Up to 100 per cent foreign ownership in free zones
    • 100 per cent foreign ownership in 122 economic activities across 13 sectors
    • 100 per cent profit repatriation
    • An effective visa system allowing for renewable 10-year residence visa
    • Competitive financing costs, high levels of liquidity and strong banking system
    • No foreign exchange controls
    • Strong appreciation and fully convertible currency
    • Low inflation
    • Low customs tariffs (between 0 and 5 per cent for almost all goods)


Open economy: The UAE encourages private sector growth and competition and enforces regulations that prohibit monopoly. It has strong ties with key regional and international trade associations. The UAE:

  • • is a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) since 1996
    • is a member of the Greater Arab Free-Trade Area (GAFTA) in which all GCC countries participate
    • concluded Free Trade Agreements with Singapore and the EFTA
    • is cooperating with the GCC countries to conclude the Free Trade Agreements with the EU, Japan, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Australia, South Korea and Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR)


Political stability: The UAE has a long-term political stability, with open diplomatic policy worldwide. The UAE has more than 100 dynamic diplomatic missions abroad and about 200 foreign diplomatic missions in the country. The UAE is:

  • • a member of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Arab League and the UN and its agencies
    • the 3rd most peaceful country in the region according to the Global Peace Index 2021, compiled by Institute for Economics and Peace, a New York think tank.


Social stability: The UAE is a safe place to live and invest in. Tolerance and respect to diverse cultures is innate to the UAE. The UAE is ranked 1st at the Arab region in the general index of the World Happiness Report 2020. The UAE:

  • • has a minister of tolerance and launched a year of tolerance and a national programme for tolerance – read about tolerance in the UAE
    • has adopted effective anti-discrimination and anti-hatred regulations
    • hosted the Human Fraternity Meeting, with the aim to enhance dialogue on co-existence of humans
    • adopted effective regulations to support vulnerable community groups.


Promising Sectors:

  1. Retail & E-commerce
  2. Agritech
  3. Healthcare
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Fintech
  6. Logistics
  7. Entertainment and Media/Broadcasting
  8. Supply Chain
  9. Space
  10. Medical Tourism
  11. Information and Communications Technology
  12. Renewable Energy
  13. Education
  14. Smart Transportation
  15. Water Technology
  16. Genetics
  17. and many more…


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