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Why Dubai is an ideal destination for investment?

We will give you several reasons as to why Dubai is an ideal destination for investment… watch the video below and read the points below which will give you more clarity to consider in order to take a call to set up a company in Dubai (you can also enquire about how to set up business anywhere in the United Arab Emirates as well).



1) Dubai is a melting pot of cultures: Dubai is a home for expats from over 200 nationalities all living and working side by side


2) Cutting-Edge Infrastructure: Dubai boasts state-of-the-art roads, ports and airports serving as one of the world’s busiest gateways into the region for business, commerce and tourism


3) The Economy: A stable macro-economic environment, sustainable economic policies, and superior growth strategies have fuelled Dubai’s outstanding economic performance and diversification


4) 100% Business Ownership: Allows foreign investors a 100% ownership of their business, reiterating Dubai’s commitment to facilitate business, attract and sustain foreign investments and uphold its global competitive edge


5) Connecting Worlds: Dubai is uniquely placed as a strategic location “where East meets the West”, acts as a gateway to two-thirds of the world’s most attractive growth markets


6) Business Made Easy: Starting a Business in 5 Minutes and 1 Step. Ranks 1st regionally and 16th globally on ‘Ease Of Doing Business’, enabled by supportive government processes, policies and digital services


7) Favourable Tax Environment: Enables investors and businessmen to gain maximum profit in virtually zero-tax conditions


8) Rewarding Lifestyle: Offers an incredibly diverse range of events and leisure activities for everyone in a vibrant, cosmopolitan setting


9) Ensuring Safety: Ranks as the 7th safest city in the world for citizens, residents and visitors


10) Merging Health and Innovation: One of the world’s top 20 healthcare markets in the world and a global leader in bio-tech development


11) Empowering Institutions: Dubai advocates future-ready regulations, leads the region in governance, government effectiveness, political stability and quality of regulation


12) Pursuing Happiness: Has a vision to leverage the power of emerging technologies to make Dubai the happiest city on Earth



Do you know?

  • Dubai ranks 1st globally in air transport facilities, pedestrian friendliness, and public transport reliability


  • Dubai ranks 13th among 190 economies in protecting minority investors and 9th among 190 economies in enforcing contracts


  • Dubai ranks 1st in the levels of technology employed, dedicated cyber-security teams, scientific and technical employment, and internet users


  • Dubai is ranked 1st globally in FDI projects and is the 4th largest global hub for investment


  • Dubai ranks 1st globally in start-up days and procedures. It also ranks 1st in the global freezones of the year, and is the 4th most business-friendly city


  • Dubai is home to the world’s busiest airport: The city hosts the world’s busiest airport, serving more than 86 million customers annually and connecting more than 240 destinations across six continents on more than 100 airlines


  • Dubai is one of the world’s most connected cities, with future-proofing built into all new projects


  • Magnet for Talent: Hosts the world’s greatest talents in a pro-business environment with the highest percentage of talented foreign labor force globally with an exceptional standard of living


  • Incubating Innovation: Dubai enables a culture of innovation and digitization becoming home to the Middle East’s First Unicorn


  • Resilient and Dynamic Economy: Dubai is a diversified economy bolstered by strong economic fundamentals


  • Thriving Minds: Offers world-class school education through 16 different curricula and access to over 60 prestigious international universities


Hope you are convinced now as to why Dubai is the destination for investment. Spectrum is a pioneer in adding value to your business…

You are in better hands when it comes to business setup in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE


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