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Accounting Services in Dubai

Is outsourcing the accounts beneficial to your business in Dubai?

Yes, outsourcing the accounts is beneficial to your business in Dubai and UAE. Generally any business owner who is willing to outsource the accounting and bookkeeping works to an outside professional accounting firm or a consultant may have the following questions/reasons that stop him/her to give the accounting and bookkeeping work:

  • Is it going to be expensive? Few people may be under misconception that outsourcing the accounting and bookkeeping work to an accounting firm is going to be an expensive task.
  • Data confidentiality issues: As the information involved in accounting is very important and requires confidentiality to be maintained by the person who has access to it, compromising on the confidentiality of that information is risky and may push the organization into troubles.
  • Availability of accounting team on ongoing basis: Sometimes, what if the consultant who is working is absent or is no more available to continue the accounting work? This is going to be an issue for the company and business to run smoothly.
  • Recording of only accounting transactions without any focus on management reports: Most of the accounting consultants and bookkeepers focus more on only recording of the accounting transaction, the reason for that could be scope of work limitation or lack of experience/ resource to be able to include management reporting in the scope of work.

Handling these things on your own in the initial days seems very easy but when it comes to the problems, stress and uncertainty that comes along with it, outsourcing the accounting work will be the best option. Moreover, if you are not someone with the experience of the accounting and finance information, you may end up in making more mistakes which may not provide the correct information in the way it is done otherwise.

Also it is important to have real time financial information to operate in the competitive market. 

  • Accuracy
    Financial aspects of the business are always complex and it needs more concentration. Accuracy and timely accounting is one of the key matter for the success of the business. An experienced and professional accounting team takes efforts in recording and classifying the transactions in such a way that it is helpful to prepare the management reports and reports required to comply with other legal requirements of UAE.
  • Time saving
    The major benefit with outsourcing the accounts is time saving in recording the books. The business owners can spend focusing their time and attention on maximizing the potential of their business and enhancing its growth. A good accountant will ensure that there are no problems in recording of accounts and even if there are any issues that arises thereof, they will be better equipped to handle them.
  • Updating the latest available laws and regulations
    As one of the fast growing economies in the world, UAE is more dynamic in terms of bringing new laws and regulations and bringing amendments to the existing laws and rules to be in competition with the rest of the world. So it is very important for all the businesses to keep themselves updated and comply with the requirement of the law as and when they are active. Non-compliance those regulatory requirements may push the companies into huge losses in terms of heavy penalties of non-compliance.A professional accountant like one from Spectrum auditing, your business will take care from legal non-compliance with respect the applicable laws and regulations in UAE.
  • A professional consultancy reporting will help in decision making
    A professional accountant can help in piloting your business and provides insight on cash flow patterns, profit and loss statement comparisons, receivables, payables, trends and other reports thus helping you take important decisions within your enterprise. They also aid in identifying opportunities and issues.
  • Accounting industry has observed several changes in the last couple of years and companies are always on the lookout for latest updates happening in the sector. A professional accountant will help clients spot market trends and assist them adopt latest technologies into their accounting business.

The role of an accountant is not limited to crunching numbers, they are more like advisors who contributes significantly to the growth of an establishment.

Spectrum Auditing team is a pioneer in handling accounting and bookkeeping needs of our clients in a more efficient and effective manner. Our passion and heart lie in serving the clients and we aim at utmost client’s satisfaction. We are registered Auditors under the Ministry of Economy UAE and also registered Tax Agent from Federal Tax Agency UAE, Dubai providing dedicated Audit, Accounting, Tax services, Financial Advisory and Business Advisory Services complying regulatory requirements.

Reach us to have a frills free life in your journey in UAE. We at Spectrum will assist you in taking care of all the procedures involved in the outsourced accounting process. Call us today for any kind of assistance at +971 4 2699329 or email us at [email protected] to get all your queries addressed. Spectrum is your partner in your success.



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