VAT Returns deadline is 28th of every month. Excise Tax Returns deadline is 15th of every month ESR Notification Submission deadline, 6 months from the end of the financial year ESR Report Submission deadline, 12 months from the end of the financial year Click here to know the Foreign Exchange (FX) rates applicable for VAT from the UAE Central Bank website
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Why You Need A Consultant For VAT Registration In UAE

The United Arab Emirates, with its business-friendly policies, world-class infrastructure, navigation systems, top-of-the-line living standards, diverse people and cultures, strategic location, an abundance of free zones, and a plethora of business opportunities, offers numerous advantages to aspiring entrepreneurs as well as seasoned business professionals.

The most alluring, though, was its tax-free status. And as a business owner, you never had to worry about Value-Added Tax (VAT) or finding a professional VAT consultant in Dubai until 1 January 2018, the date on which Value-Added Tax (VAT) at the rate of 5% was introduced in the country for businesses with a minimum annual turnover of Dh375,000.

But now you do! Not only do you now know when to register your business for VAT but you also understand the benefits and drawbacks of optional vs. required VAT registration in UAE. Let’s see why your firm needs one of the top VAT consultants in the UAE.

corporate tax in UAE

Advantages of Employing a professional VAT consultant in Dubai, UAE for the development of a firm per government regulations

Superior Knowledge

It is better to outsource this aspect of the business to a qualified VAT expert in Dubai as opposed to doing it yourself. The tax structure is difficult to comprehend for anyone without a background in accounting. These VAT experts have better knowledge regarding the VAT structure, and they also remain current and comply with Dubai’s regulations. They possess minute knowledge and specifics regarding every aspect of taxation and accounting.

Easy Process

According to Dubai government regulations, VAT registration in UAE is required for the legal operation and effective operation of a business. VAT registration becomes mandatory for business owners to comply with government laws and regulations. It is difficult to apply for it and complete it without expert assistance. With the assistance of accounting companies in Dubai, VAT experts have access to simple VAT registration for the company and assist businesses in becoming legitimate and recognised by the government. No policy may terminate the license and operation of a business if it has all necessary documents and papers, but it is difficult to maintain a business for a longer period if the firm is not VAT-registered and does not have all the requisite documentation.

Facilitates Decision-making on Legal and Business Structure

VAT consultant businesses in the UAE help their customers make important decisions about business structure and legal formality, using their in-depth understanding of taxes. For the efficient operation of their clients’ enterprises, they help maintain compliance with government laws and regulations.

Where Do I Find the Best VAT Consulting Firm in the United Arab Emirates?

Well, you need to communicate with Spectrum. The Spectrum VAT experts are pleased to advise and direct you through all facets of VAT, including registration and deregistration, return filing and payment, audits and liability reduction advice, compliance concerns, and VAT training.

With the assistance of our VAT specialist, you will not only be able to avoid fines for noncompliance, but you will also be able to decrease wasteful spending inside your organisation, therefore simplifying it. In addition, they help your company’s tax accountants and finance staff understand the numerous components of VAT that may have future implications for your organisation. With the benefit of hindsight, we know how you can optimise your resources to maximise profits, which is one of your company’s objectives.

corporate tax in UAE


On your state's VAT website, click on the registration tab. Add information and documentation to the request form for your firm. You may be provided with a temporary VAT number. Upon fulfilment of the verification process, a permanent VAT registration number will be provided to you.

Potentially, yes if your revenue from income sources is likely to exceed AED 375,000 in a financial year. Failing to comply will incur penalities. You can seek a VAT registration exemption if you are confident that your situation is transitory.

The principal advantage of VAT registration in the UAE is increased cash flow. Once registered, VAT expenditures can be reclaimed. If your startup expenses are substantial and have a VAT component, getting them back might make a significant impact.

A minimum rate of 5% is payable for the VAT. Article 26 of the 2015 Federal Law No. 2 states that every organisation or business is required to keep accounting records for five years.

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