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Company Formation in Dubai

Right Setup for Your Company Formation in Dubai – Join Spectrum

Spectrum Accounts holds the record of supporting many companies in Dubai to operate as a new entity with the help of the best ideas and financial advisories. Our experts have generated multiple pieces of advice without wasting your precious time in the new Company Formation in Dubai. 

We have set the best course for a newcomer to join in the race of Dubai’s crowded marketing place. Yes, you don’t have to worry about all types of legal proceedings at all. 

We can handle all types of company registration for you. We have not wasted your precious time and money on silly things. Our magnificent Company Formation Consultants in Dubai can assist you with some unique ways so that you won’t face any problems related to your future in the market of Dubai. 

Of course, lacunae in specific guidance can generate many problems in the future. You need the help of our finest personnel in this job so that you can avoid all types of marketing calamities further. 

Know the Rules & Regulations By The UAE For New Company Formation

Yes, specific guidelines are there for a company to operate as a new entity in the market of Dubai. They are very straightforward and effective in controlling your company’s future in the busy market of Dubai. 

You can’t ignore such types of beneficial offers of Spectrum Accounts that want to help you in so many ways without disturbing your ecosystem. Three important ways are there for your company to work like a new one. They are vital to follow for you. They are:

  1. Mainland

    You need to get approval from a licensing authority in Mainland. The department of economic development will show you a ray of hope for your company. This authentication depends upon your respective emirate. All such types of services are very perfect and reliable. 

    We can help you out by preparing specific reports as per your company’s guidelines. The Department of Economic Development does require some specific things to trust in your company and your goals. So, we are here to do all types of paperwork and submit them.  

  2. Free Zone

    In this sector, special authorities are there who have assigned your license in their region. Free zone regions in Dubai are common, and you can get all types of licenses as per your requirement. However, you need to prepare a report for the sake of your company. 

    You can’t just turn your back from such types of reports in the future. You will receive your license for a new Company Formation in Dubai under the privilege of these reports. Yes, they are going to help you out throughout your company’s journey. 

  3. Offshore

    You can get your license for your company in the offshore jurisdiction with specific guidelines. All such processes are very significant, and you have to stick to their licensing terms and conditions in the future. The fortune of your company depends on those services, and it will take no time to complete all such formalities with our help. 

Yes, you can get all the necessary help from our side for getting confirmation from Offshore authorities. We know how to get you the perfect and suitable license as per your requirements.

Types Of Business Licenses You Should Have Applied For

It is very hard to get authentication for a company in the UAE as per your requirements. But it is only hard when you take help from an inexperienced franchise. Spectrum Accounts can help you in so many ways, including the licensing of your company in the United Arab Emirates. 

Yes, it is good news for a company to get authentication from legal jurisdiction. We are here to understand the requirements and fulfill them with all types of authentic proceedings. Here, we will proceed in legal ways. 

You can earn your license for the following types of business activities of the company. They are: 

  1. Professional License

    You will receive your license for your company that covers all types of services provided by artisans, professionals, and craftsmen. This license is very significant for starting your business in the Emirates. You can get authentication for your company to conduct different types of unique activities just like other trade licenses. 

    Yes, you can go with carpentry, consultancy, artisanship, printing and publishing, repair services, beauty salons, etc. In Dubai, you have to be very specific about your  Company Formation Consultants in Dubai. In this way, you can get your license from an authorized person.

  2. Commercial License

    To further trade different types of commodities or goods in Dubai, you need a commercial license for holding such operations. Our Company Formation Consultants in Dubai will assist you in getting the best ways to retrieve your license as quickly as possible. 

    Yes, it is easier for you if you choose the easiest way by choosing Spectrum Accounts. After you receive your license from three jurisdictions, you can operate or be involved in all types of trading activities. Following activities are the part of your company after receiving the license:

    • Import and Export
    • Logistics
    • Tourism and Travel
    • Rental business
    • Real Estate
    • Brokerage
    • Product-oriented sales (electronics, construction, shops, stores, etc.)
  3. Industrial License

    This license covers all types of industrial-based manufacturing activities. To earn this license for you, you need to be involved with the best Company Formation Consultants in Dubai. Spectrum Accounts is here at you to help go with all types of activities and give you the necessary ideas for getting the right thing. 

You have to state your objectives in the paperwork. We can help you in the proceedings of this paper and issue the license for your company with ease. 

Company Formation

The setting up of a new company is called Company Formation or Company Registration. The United Arab Emirates controls the whole process of company formation through its corporate law.

A company in UAE can be formed in any of the following three ways:

  • Mainland – The licensing authority in mainland is the Department of Economic Development of the respective emirates.
  • Free Zone – In Free Zones, the relevant Free Zone Authority will be the licensing authority
  • Offshore – Offshore Authority is the licensing authority in case of Offshore jurisdiction

Types of Business License:

Business Licenses issued in United Arab Emirates (UAE) depends on the business activity of the company and it can be one of the following:

  • Professional – The professional license covers services offered by professionals, artisans and craftsmen
  • Commercial – the commercial license covers all trading and commercial activities performed with an intention of making profit
  • Industrial – the industrial license covers all industrial and manufacturing activities

Tourism –The tourism license covers all activities related to hospitality & tourism.

Spectrum Audit is an expert in the Company Liquidation process. Reach us to have a frills free life in your journey in Dubai or any of the Emirates in UAE.We at Spectrum will assist you in taking care of all the legal procedures involved in the liquidation process of your company whether in the mainland or any free zone.

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