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Requirements for Company Liquidation Reporting

To initiate the process of company liquidation and ensure a comprehensive liquidation report, the following prerequisites must be meticulously compiled:

  1. Updated Know Your Customer (KYC):

   – Thoroughly updated KYC documentation to authenticate the identity of the involved parties.

  1. Legal Documents:

   – Provide the latest copy of the Trade License.

   – Furnish updated Memorandum and Articles of Association (MOA/AOA) copies.

  1. Management Credentials:

   – Present copies of visas and passports for all key management personnel.

  1. Financial Records:

   – Submit the previous year’s audit report, or in its absence, detailed sales, purchases, and expenses documentation for accurate liquidation report preparation.

  1. Visa Cancellation:

   – Include copies of visa cancellation documents for all relevant individuals.

  1. Liability Settlement:

   – Ensure that all outstanding liabilities are settled and documented.

  1. Bank Closure Confirmation:

   – Provide confirmation of bank account closure along with corresponding bank statements up to the closure date.

  1. Board Resolution:

   – A formal board resolution explicitly stating the decision to proceed with company liquidation.

  1. Public Notice:

   – Issue a Notice of Liquidation through a widely circulated advertisement. The liquidation report will be issued 45 days after this public notice.

  1. Tax Deregistration:

    – Include a copy of the Value Added Tax (VAT) deregistration certificate if the company is registered.

  1. Labor License Cancellation:

    – Furnish a copy of the labour license cancellation certificate.

  1. Departmental Clearances:

    – Obtain clearance letters from relevant departments, including:

       – Telecommunication Department (e.g., Etisalat, Du, etc.).

       – PO Box provider.

       – Customs authority.

       – Electricity & Water Authority.


By adhering to these comprehensive requirements, the liquidation process can be conducted efficiently and in compliance with all legal and regulatory obligations.


Why Spectrum Auditing?

Why Spectrum Auditing?

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