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Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi – KIZAD

KIZAD – The integrated trade, logistics and Industrial hub of Abu Dhabi


The article talks about KIZAD industrial and free zone located in Abu Dhabi, which includes the advantages and having a business in KIZAD, the legal compliances and other related matters. This article by Spectrum Auditing is useful for the people who are planning to open a company in UAE in selecting the best industrial and free zone in UAE.


What is KIZAD?

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (“KIZAD”), a subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Ports, is the largest industrial and free trade zone in the MENA region and offers the most competitive business setup solutions and world-class infrastructure facilities in the UAE. Spread over 410 square kilometres, KIZAD is home to over 600 companies across industries such as Food Processing, Polymers, Metals, Automotive, Pharmaceuticals, Logistics, Oil & Gas, among others.

Setting up at KIZAD enables businesses to benefit from the strategic location, faster access to markets, low set up and operational costs, flexibility in scale of operations and efficient investor support services. Strategically located between Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the two most important economic centres of the region, KIZAD is ideally positioned to serve the key consumption markets in the GCC, Middle East and Africa.


What are the ADVANTAGES of choosing KIZAD?

  1. Enabling Significant Cost Savings
  • Ample and reliable supply of utilities power, gas and water, at the most competitive rates in the UAE
  • No corporate and income taxes
  • Duty-free trade in the GCC free trade area for “MADE IN UAE” products
  • Prime location facilities at very competitive lease rates


  1. Speed to Market and Proximity ADVANTAGE
  • Easy access to key markets through 2 global ports, 5 international airports, multi-lane highways and planned rail, connecting KIZAD with the rest of the UAE and GCC
  • Simplified and flexible company formation
  • KIZAD is the single interface for all approvals
  • Presence of supporting entities such as raw material suppliers, packaging and specialised logistics services within the zone


  1. Flexibility in Scale of Operations
  • Option to operate for the local and regional/global markets through Free Zone zone and Domestic Economic Zone facilities
  • Flexibility in lease tenure, structuring etc.
  • Infrastructure to support a wide range of businesses, from startups to mega projects
  • Future-ready development with provisions for expansion and integration with new projects


  1. Growing Community of Businesses, Clusters and Amenities
  • Multiple residential, social areas, leisure facilities within 10 minutes’ drive
  • Multiple on-site staff accommodation facilities are under various stages of planning and development
  • Clustered approach with shared amenities for better planning and leaner development for customers
  • Dedicated clusters for SMEs, Logistics and Business Parks


What are the various types of facilities available at KIZAD?

KIZAD offers both Free Zone and Domestic Industrial Zone facilities for investors, who can choose their facilities based on their business strategy and requirements.


Free Zone

The Free Zone jurisdiction allows 100% foreign ownership in companies, and it is suitable for wholesale distributors, re-exporters, warehousing activities, service providers and manufacturers targeting markets outside the MENA region.

  • 100% foreign ownership in companies
  • 0% customs duty
  • 0% corporate, personal and sales tax
  • No restrictions on capital and profit repatriation
  • Designated Zone for VAT Exemption
  • No minimum capital requirements


Domestic Industrial Zone

Companies in the domestic industrial zone can enjoy direct access to the markets in the UAE and the GCC area. Goods produced in the domestic industrial zone can be certified “MADE IN UAE” by the relevant authorities and can avail duty-free status in the GCC region.

  • Joint venture with a UAE partner
  • 0% corporate, personal and sales tax
  • 0% customs duty for industrial raw materials and machinery
  • Easy repatriation of profits and capital
  • ‘MADE IN UAE’ certificate for qualified products
  • Potential for duty-free trade in the GCC


Facilities in a gist

Key feature Free Zone Domestic industrial zone
OWNERSHIP 100% foreign ownership Up to 100% foreign ownership in over 1,000 activities
TAX (CORPORATE) 100% tax free for the companies in KIZAD as long as the company is complying with the rules of the Free Zone authority and do not conduct any business with the entities in the mainland (based on the FAQs released by the Ministry of Finance in Jan 2022). 100% tax free for the companies in KIZAD as long as the company is complying with the rules of the Free Zone authority and do not conduct any business with the entities in the mainland (based on the FAQs released by the Ministry of Finance in Jan 2022).
TAX (INCOME & SALES) 100% tax free 100% tax free
VAT No VAT Standard VAT rate is applicable
BOOKS OF ACCOUNTS Maintaining proper books of accounts is mandatory for any company registered in the UAE, including the entities in the mainland and the Free zone. Maintaining proper books of accounts is mandatory for any company registered in the UAE, including the entities in the mainland and the Free zone.
SALES IN LOCAL MARKET Through distributors and / or local agents Direct
CUSTOMS DUTY No customs duties within Free Zone Standard customs duty for sales to local market (import) and GCC (first point of entry-import).
Standard customs duty to be paid on deposit, for goods in transit:

– Between points of entry (seaports/airports/borders) and Free Zones

– Between Free Zones and point of exit (export).

No customs duty applicable
for sales of locally manufactured goods in GCC and very low duty structure in GAFTA countries
(for National Industrial
Licence Holders)
Standard customs duty for sales to local market (import) and GCC (first point of entry-import). Customs duty exceptions on import of raw materials and machinery for manufacturing activities
Local customs duties applicable for imports into other countries. Local customs duties applicable for imports into other countries
CAPITAL & PROFIT REPATRIATION 100% Allowed As per the contract between partners
LABOUR LAW Free Zone rules and labour law UAE labour laws



Standard Use Fee Per Annum (Land Plots)                             (AED / m2)

Standard Industrial Plots of all sizes in Free Zone                                    31

Standard Industrial Plots of all sizes in Domestic Zone                           26

Standard Logistics Plots of all sizes in Free Zone                                      33

Standard Logistics Plots of all sizes in Domestic Zone                             28

Open lay-down plots in KIZAD Area B                                                        7.5


All prices subject to:

  • Common Area Maintenance Levy of AED 3/m2 per annum (adjusted annually)
  • Annual escalation and general terms and conditions of the land lease contract will apply
  • Further premium levy is applicable on strategic land allocations
  • Rates vary and may change. The above are standard prices as existed till the end of December 2021


  Registration Services Fees (AED)
1 Registration Fees (LTD) * 0
2 Registration Fees (Branch) * 0
3 Conversion from branch to (LTD) 0
4 Amendment to Register 200
5 Change of Share Capital 0
6 Share Amendment – Per Instrument 3000
7 Board Resolution / Other Resolution- Notarization 200
8 Memorandum and Articles of Association- Notarization 200
9 Authenticity of Signature- Notarization 0
10 No Objection Certificate 0
11 Memorandum and Articles of Association – Amendment 200
12 Incumbency letter 2500
13 Company Information Search 0
14 Any other letter (Unspecified) 200
15 Certificate of Authorization 200
16 License Renewal (after 2 years) Industrial, Trading, Service 5000
17 License Renewal (after 2 years) General Trading 15000
18 License Cancellation 2500
19 Issue New Establishment Card 1000
20 Cancellation of Establishment Card 500
21 Initial Approval 450


What are the advantages KIZAD offers for key industries when they do business?


  • Trans-shipment hub with over 1,000 port-to-port connections
  • Port-side developments
    • Development of new terminals by MSC and COSCO
    • Increase in port capacity – from 2.5 million TEU to 9 million TEU in the next 5 years
  • Steady growth in the number of factories and distribution businesses
  • Perfectly located to cater to the domestic and regional markets



  • Pollution-free operating environment
  • Reliable supply of clean water, power and gas
  • Efficient infrastructure for waste management
  • Advanced laboratory services for testing and certifications
  • Value chain activities such as printing, packaging and specialised logistics solutions in the zone



  • The most competitive utility rates in the UAE
  • Onsite availability of power, gas and water
  • Close to major anchor industries supplying raw materials
    • Emirates Global Aluminium, Emirates Steel
  • Dedicated infrastructure for downstream metals processing activities
    • High capacity power network
    • Hot metal road enabling hot metal in liquid form to be transported from the supplier to the factory



  • Regional mega-hub for CBU (completely built units) logistics
  • Presence of auto parts manufacturers supplying major global brands
  • Upcoming manufacturing projects for key products such as automotive tyres
  • Key raw materials suppliers in the industry value chain present in the park – Aluminium, Polymers



  • Developed in strategic partnerships with key industry players such as ADNOC
  • Key raw materials suppliers within the park and in the region
    • Mega distribution centre of Borouge present in KIZAD
    • Easy access to raw materials from Saudi Arabia, Oman,
  • Kuwait and Bahrain
  • Polymer-centric logistics and infrastructure
    • Permanent and semi-permanent warehouses
    • Annual throughput exceeding 1.5 million tonnes
    • Specialised logistics service providers within the park
  • Polymers packing plant
    • Three fully automated “Fill, Form, Seal” (FFS) polymer packing lines
    • One bulk bag filling line
    • Overall packing capacity of more than 700,000 tonnes per year


Is it true that KIZAD offers a strategic and perfect location advantage for anyone operating inside the zone?

KIZAD is ideally positioned to serve all the major markets in the Middle East and Africa. KIZAD offers true multi-modal access through 5 international airports in 2 hours driving radius, 2 global ports, express highways and upcoming rail hubs within the park.


SEA – KIZAD offers excellent access by sea through Khalifa Port – the ultra-modern deep water seaport – enabling easy bulk import and export. It has 2 Global Ports and 1,000+ Port-to-Port Connections.


ROAD – Multi-lane express highways connecting KIZAD to major commercial hubs in the UAE and the GCC region. There are 3 Multi-lane express highways and 4 Routes with dedicated truck roads.


AIR – KIZAD location provides excellent access to international airports in the UAE. There are 5 International airports with 14,000 Million ton-km air freight capacity.


FUTURE RAIL – First Port in the UAE to link to the new Etihad Rail Network, currently under construction. The network is likely to have 605 km rail network with 50 Million tones annual capacity.


Some more salient features of KIZAD with respect to INFRASTRUCTURE AND BUSINESS ECO SYSTEM

  • Industry Innovations Driving Operational Efficiency
  • Reliable Utilities Infrastructure
  • Efficient Infrastructure for Waste Management
  • Internal Transportation ROAD Network
  • Advanced Laboratory Services for Testing and Certifications
  • Essential Products and Services in the Value Chain


SERVICED LAND PLOTS – Land for Development on Long-term Lease

KIZAD can accommodate industries of any scale due to the meticulous master plan of the industrial park. Because KIZAD comprises multiple industrial clusters, we allocate land by grouping certain industries and service providers based on how best they can benefit one another. Value is created by leveraging anchor tenants and facilitating synergies and operational efficiencies; investors can utilise products produced by another within the zone. This gathering of collective expertise also creates a business environment that fosters research, growth and the development of skills and talents.


Pre-Built Facilities – Modular Warehouses and Light Industrial Units – On Lease or Sale

Pre-built facilities in KIZAD help minimises Capex costs for setting up the business. KIZAD offers high quality, modular, ready to move warehouse units and light industrial units for storage, distribution and third-party logistics services as well as light industrial activities. These pre-built units enjoy true multimodal access through the port, road, and upcoming rail – all available on-site – and five major international airports within a two-hour driving distance.

The pre-built units are equipped with easy access loading docks, raised docked floor levels and clear open space for the eaves. The design also includes the shell and core scheme for setting up a mezzanine office.



Pre-built units in KIZAD Logistics Park are built to the following specifications:

  • Choice of Free Zone or Domestic Economic Zone facilities
  • 7-metre clear height to eaves for warehouse units
  • 6 metre clear height to eaves for light industrial units
  • 3-metre raised floor level
  • Dedicated loading area for each unit
  • Docked roller shutter loading doors
  • Loading ramp with roller shutter door
  • Ample power for air conditioning in all units and cold storage in selected units
  • Dedicated parking spaces for trucks and cars
  • Mezzanine office (shell and core), kitchenette and toilet facilities
  • Integrated fire alarm and sprinkler systems



Every business has different requirements for space – from manufacturing to logistics, warehousing and office use. Investors can enjoy the benefits of a one-stop solution with our Build-to-Suit (BTS) space, where KIZAD oversees the entire process for the investors – including design, construction and project management. With flexible options for lease or buy, you can be assured of a space that perfectly fits your needs.



Offering cost-effective workspaces, offices and licensing options KIZAD Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre is designed to benefit SMEs, startups, entrepreneurs and other small businesses.


Free Zone business licence and facilities

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No corporate and income taxes
  • No VAT within the Free Zone
  • Ideal for startups and SMEs
  • Cost-efficient solutions to test the market
  • Opportunities to scale up to permanent facilities
  • Company setup in 24 hours
  • Quick and easy approvals
  • No security deposits on startup packages
  • No deposits for visa
  • Shared workstations or dedicated offices
  • Free internet & Wi-Fi
  • One-stop-shop services
  • Multiple packages to fit the business requirements


Corporate tax applicability to the companies in Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi:

Corporate tax law is going to be applicable for all the companies registered in UAE including the free zones in UAE. The UAE Corporate tax is going to be effective for the financial year beginning on or after 1 June 2023 for the businesses in UAE. Corporate tax will be levied at zero percent on the taxable income (adjusted net profit) of the businesses in the free zones as long as they comply with all the regulations of the respective free zone and do not do any business with the mainland companies, otherwise there is a possibility of levying 9% corporate tax on the taxable income (adjusted net profit) in excess of AED 375,000. Hence companies in the Free Zones need to make sure that they are complying with all the regulations of the free zone and do not do any business with the mainland entities to enjoy the benefit of zero percentage of UAE corporate tax.


{NOTE: Kindly note that the authenticity of this article is limited to the day of publishing this blog. As policies and rules pertaining to each free zone keeps changing from time to time based on the necessity of the respective authority, it is hereby advised you to check the website of the concerned free zone directly to get the latest update on the same. We do not assume any liability if you have taken any decision based on the information provided in the article. We have ensured that the presented information to the visitor is legible to the maximum extent possible so that all the information is available in one page, at one go. Thank you.}


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