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UAE Corporate Tax – a small brief


We have published a series of blogs on our website in the form of Q & A to understand the concepts better. Please click and read.

Blog 1: Corporate tax in UAE – An Overview

Gives you an overview about what is Corporate Tax (CT), why it is introduced, implementation etc.


Blog 2: Corporate tax in UAE – Scope & Rate

Discusses about who is going to be taxed, what types of businesses are considered, where does an individual stand, CT on sales or profit, rates, commercial license, real estate, investment returns, bank deposits, calculating CT, who is exempt etc.


Blog 3: Corporate tax in UAE – Income exempt, foreign person, free zones info

Briefs about types of incomes exempt from CT, status of foreign company or individual in terms of CT, where does Free Zones stand etc.


Blog 4: Corporate tax in UAE – Industry Sectors, Losses, Tax Groups, Withholding Tax, Tax Credits, Transfer Pricing, Administration

Detailed Q & A about industry sectors subject to CT, are business losses considered, status of tax group, about withholding tax, tax credit claim, transfer pricing rules, how to go about registration etc.


Further information on the technical details and other specifics of the UAE CT regime will be made available in due course.


DISCLAIMER: The information in this page is meant to provide an initial introduction to the proposed UAE Corporate Tax (CT) regime in advance of relevant legislation being finalised and promulgated. This document is subject to change without notice.


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