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vat registration requirements list

VAT Registration – Requirements Check List

Value Added Tax or VAT in UAE has brought changes in the business environment by emphasising the need to prioritise the way book keeping is handled by a company. VAT has ensured not to hurt small businesses which are left unaffected. Whereas any business above the prescribed threshold is mandated to register if it crosses the limit and de-register in case the business is not doing well for them. Keeping in mind all these, we have compiled a list of requirements that are needed to fulfil the VAT registration process. These are the general documents that are requested by us to initiate the VAT process.


Following is the initial list of requirements to apply for VAT registration with UAE FTA

  1. Email ID and mobile number to create online account with FTA
  2. Trade license, partners page, and commercial register for the Audit period
  3. Full address and phone number of the company
  4. Memorandum of Association including amendment for the Audit period
  5. Partners, Passport, Visa, and Emirates ID
  6. Details of the manager (CEO or Equivalent) – Passport and Emirates ID
  7. Bank Account details (Name, A/C number, IBAN number, address)
  8. Ejari of the office
  9. Turnover & expenses of the company from 1 Jan 2017 till date
  10. Scanned copies of all the sales invoice copies and purchase/ expenses invoice
  11. Expected turnover & expenses during next 30 days along with the supporting documents
  12. Financial statements
  13. Authorized Signatory Name and Mobile Number


Additional requirements based on applicability to the company/ individual:

  1. Do you intend to Import Export Goods or Services? Any of the imports will be from any GCC country?
  2. Do you have a Custom Number? If yes, kindly provide the certificate
  3. Do you want to create Tax Group?
  4. Are You (or any of the Directories or Partners of the applicant) currently involved in (or in the Past 5 Years been involved in) any other business resident in the UAE, either individually or as a director or partner in that business? If yes, kindly provide the details of the same.
  5. Do you expect the VAT on your expenses to regularly exceed the VAT on your taxable supplies?


vat registration requirements list


Furthermore, we are always ready to help you address any queries pertaining to your VAT work. Spectrum is your one stop resource to get your issues sorted out. We are pioneers of Value Added Tax in UAE since the time of its inception in this region. Please call +971 4 2699 329 or email Spectrum at [email protected] to know more.



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