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Corporate Tax

Dispelling the Myth: Why Owner Withdrawals Won’t Reduce Corporate Tax in the UAE


As a business owner in the UAE, it’s natural to wonder if withdrawing funds from your company can help reduce the burden of corporate tax. However, this common misconception can lead to potential misunderstandings about corporate taxation in the region. In this blog, we will explore why owner withdrawals from the company do not directly impact corporate tax liability and shed light on the importance of benchmarking analysis for genuine tax burden reduction strategies.


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  1. The UAE Corporate Tax System:

Corporate taxes in the United Arab Emirates are levied on a company’s net profits, irrespective of the owner’s withdrawals. The tax rates are determined based on the location of the business, i.e. UAE mainland or free zone and its activities. Therefore, taking money out of the company for personal use will not automatically reduce the company’s tax obligations, as it withdraws the tax-paid business income of the company.

  1. Separation of Personal and Corporate Finances:

Maintaining a clear separation between personal and corporate finances is crucial. Owner withdrawal can be classified into the following.

  • Remuneration: Remuneration can be allowed as an expense, and it will help to reduce profitability only if it is at par with industry standards and similar-sized companies; business owners can ensure that their remuneration aligns with market rates, thus avoiding any suspicion of tax avoidance. A Benchmarking analysis can provide valuable insights for genuine tax burden reduction strategies.
  • Dividend: Dividends can be declared out of profits. However, it won’t affect the profitability and tax.
  • Other withdrawals: Any other withdrawals, apart from the above, will be treated as a reduction of capital. At the same time, it doesn’t affect the profitability or tax.

While corporate taxes should be calculated based on the company’s financial performance, failing to differentiate between personal and business finances can lead to accounting discrepancies and potential tax-related issues.

  1. Impact on Corporate Profitability:

Owner withdrawals can indirectly affect the company’s financial health and, consequently, its tax liability. When significant funds are regularly withdrawn from the company, it might negatively impact the business’s profitability and cash flow. Reduced profitability means fewer profits available for taxation, but this reduction will be natural and not directly result from the withdrawals.

  1. Deductibility of Business Expenses:

In the UAE, businesses can claim deductions for legitimate expenses incurred. These deductions are aimed at encouraging business growth and investment. However, owner withdrawals for personal expenses are not considered legitimate business expenses and cannot be claimed as deductions to reduce the company’s taxable income.

  1. Complying with UAE Tax Regulations:

The UAE has stringent tax regulations to ensure fair and accurate taxation. Attempting to manipulate financial records to reflect lower profits by attributing personal expenses as business expenses is illegal and can lead to severe penalties and legal consequences.

     6. Importance of Professional Guidance:

Engaging with tax professionals can give business owners essential insights into legal tax-saving strategies, investment opportunities, and ways to structure the business more efficiently. By using benchmarking analysis alongside expert advice, businesses can optimize their tax positions within UAE tax laws.



In conclusion, owner withdrawals from the company will not directly reduce the corporate tax burden in the UAE. Corporate taxes are based on the company’s net profits; owner withdrawals are considered personal income. To maintain a healthy and compliant business, owners should focus on proper financial management, adhere to tax regulations, and utilize benchmarking analysis to ensure tax efficiency while staying within the bounds of the law. With the right approach, incorporating benchmarking analysis and seeking professional guidance, businesses can thrive and contribute to the UAE’s economic growth without tax-related concerns.


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