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VAT refund user guide

  1. Brief overview of this user guide

This guide will help you navigate the e-Service portal, and is designed to be read in conjunction with the Taxable Person Guide for VAT to file your VAT Refund Claims (hereinafter referred to as Claim). It is intended to help eligible Taxable Persons prepare their Claim to the Federal Tax Authority (FTA). The guide explains the process to be followed along with the forms and information that needs to be provided when applying for a refund to the FTA. The process is available with effect from February 1, 2018. The Claim can be submitted by the Taxable Person, or another person who has the right to do so on the Taxable Person’s behalf (for example, a Tax Agent or a Legal Representative)

  1. Purpose of the Claim

Every Taxable Person is required to file a VAT return summarizing the VAT due to the FTA for the tax period. When the input tax is greater than output tax on a VAT return, the Taxable Person is able to request a VAT refund after submission of the VAT return or at any later time when there is a credit owed to them.

  1. Timeframes for repayment

Where the Taxable Person makes a claim for a refund of excess refundable tax, the FTA will within 20 business days of an application being submitted, review the application and notify the Taxable Person of its decision to accept or reject the refund claim. The FTA may notify the applicant that it requires a longer period than (20) business days to consider the application where appropriate.

  1. Submitting the Claim

4.1. Login to FTA e-Services Portal and access the Refund form Login to FTA e-Services Portal using your username and password. In order to access the Refund form, go to the ‘VAT’ tab and then to the ‘VAT Refunds’ tab. Under ‘Request VAT Refund’ box, access the form by clicking on ‘VAT Refund Request’ button 4.2. Complete and submit the form Please fill in each field on the form. Any questions that are marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be completed in order to submit the form. Some fields will be automatically retrieved. Once you complete the form, click on the ‘Submit’ button. The Refund Form will be processed within 20 business days of submission. You will receive an email notification from the FTA on the result of your application. Once your claim is approved, the amount will be refunded within 5 business days. IMPORTANT NOTES · Before submitting the refund claim, ensure that bank account details are provided on the registration form. Refund requests that do not have bank account details will be rejected.

  • A bank account validation letter / certificate must be provided to the FTA. This letter must be issued and stamped by your bank and includes details about the account holder name (must be the same as the taxable person’s name as registered with the FTA), bank’s name, bank’s address, SWIFT/ BIC and the IBAN. The letter/ certificate shall be uploaded as an attachment to the refund application.
  • If your bank is international and does not have a correspondent bank in the UAE, the refund payment may take more than 5 business days and you will incur the transfer fees charged by your bank.
  1. Verify your Balance post the approval

Once you receive a confirmation email of the refund, you may check your balance through the ‘My Payment’ tab under the Transaction History section, where a row will appear mentioning the amount refunded. To download the complete VAT refund guide please click here

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