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Things to keep in mind to increase the sales of an organization (Or) Guide to boost sales of an organization

No magic way to achieve success

Are you one of those owners who have a great product but the sales of it are not so great. Do you belong to a group that is not so sure to approach the right set of customers? Do you fear that the organization sales will not be able to grow as compared to your peers and worry about what could be their secret formula? There is no secret way to achieve sales success. However, if you are looking at the pattern that is majorly followed by many successful organizations or businesses, then here are some of the things that you need to keep in mind to boost the sales of an organization. Your first step toward boosting your sales and joining the ranks of successful organizations can happen when you become a Value-Driving Sales Organization.

Value-Driving Sales Organization is one that has higher win rates and revenue growth and lower undesired turnover. These organizations not only have high margin sales but also retain the top sales spot.

Being a value-driving sales organization simultaneously and effectively increases the sales of your
organization. Here are the pointers to keep in mind:

  • 1. Motivate: Motivating oneself and the team is the priority one should work on. Most successful sellers say that, if they believe in what they are selling, then they can sell much more of it. This is how motivation works in Value- driving sales organizations. Almost all
    the organizations that follow this format support motivation. According to research conducted by Harvard Business School, the researchers analyzed hundreds of sellers to find out what motivates them. The four factors that they analyzed were:

    • a. Task clarity: If the sellers know their tasks on a day-to-day basis
    • b. Inner drive: The sellers drive toward the need for achievement
    • c. Compensation: How much are the sellers paid and how
    • d. Sales management: The method and quality of supervision happening on the

    And, after the entire analysis, it was the task clarity that motivated the sellers more, compared to any other factors. It is concluded that if the sellers were clear on what to do on a day-to-day basis then they are much more motivated.

  • 2. Focus: When the sellers are not defined with a task clarity and are not assigned with what to do on a day-to-day basis; then they are left with too many choices to pick from. The natural human tendency is to pick the easiest task irrespective of how meaningful or
    impactful it is. This is why many Value-Driving Organizations follow a concept called Greatest Impact Activity. This activity lets the seller to pick up the hardest task and to come out with the best results. To boost sales of your organization, you have to identify
    the GIAs for your staff or team members and accordingly prepare action plans for yourself and the sellers too. With an action plan, the sellers will get clarity and can focus on what should they achieve daily.
  • 3. Execute: Having a plan, being motivated, creating GIAs, is a great way to start. But, all these steps require proper execution to complete the cycle. Value-Driving Organizations have a team of sellers who are good at managing their time, focus, and executing their
    tasks well daily. Lesser the distraction at work, the better productivity can be ascertained.
  • 4. Advice: Value-driving organizations can continuously achieve the top sales because they have management/sales managers who keep advising the sellers or the sales team on how to approach a buyer, how to gain the trust, guide, and support them with clear
    expectations. With sales managers ensuring that the plans designed, focused, and executed in the right format, then the organizations are sure to see themselves as one of the value-driving organizations.
  • 5. Develop: Value-driving organizations have a sales team that possess strong sales skills from prospecting and consultative selling to strategic account management and sales management. If you want to boost your organization’s sales, ensure that the team is well
    equipped with the right sales knowledge.

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